Central Express & Logistics’ Is a unique organization specialized in operating prompt, reliable and professionally dispatching mail consisting all the types of documents, parcels etc within a shortest possible span of time exactly as desired by opting its various plans by the people and the institutions like commercial, charitable, clubs etc
Central Express & Logistics Express & Logistics’ is founded and established by enriched dynamic and visionary entrepreneurs who are abundantly experienced in the courier industry.
Central Express & Logistics Express & Logistics’ is initially propelled up to establish its Twenty five (25) Branches & Hundred (100) Franchisees in the territories periodically in the city of Mumbai and All over India.
‘Central Express & Logistics Express & Logistics’ is having Man-Power in hundreds consisting of well experienced and efficient Executive, Middle- Management and other all Staff-Members. They are nicely trained and groomed up render elegant and efficient Professional Courier Service to Customers and Patronisers‘Central Express & Logistics Express & Logistics’ strongly believes in Service Orientation and Customer Satisfaction as its Prime Goals
MANAGEMENT APPROACH & VISSION ‘Central Express & Logistics Express & Logistics’ is promoted and managed by team of visionary and able professionals who are very sound enough in functionary and executors aspects of the Courier Industry. The Promoters believe in providing services to the People and Business and Social Organisations. The technical and marketing Functions are under firm grip of the promoters. A combination of highly Trained personnel and the continued R & D based and dedicated Service Orientation.